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#KBKJAKARTA is part of Wisangkopi’s mission (CSR Program) to educate and upleveling the public’s knowledge about coffee, especially manual brewing method. In the grand purpose, we try to increase the consumption of local coffee among coffee aficionados around Jakarta. But of course, the rapid needs of coffee consumption should be followed by the upleveling’s coffee appreciation.

That’s why #KBKJAKARTA is made, because knowledge and practice needs to be done continuesly. The team made by consist of 8 persons of each batch/session will be the core to the process. And we solely target the member of the team comes from public, not affiliated or work as Barista, just ordinary-curious bunch of people who enjoy the good cup of coffee. Why? Because as we stated before, upleveling public’s knowledge about the coffee is the only reason.


Each member will get 180 -200 gr of roasted coffee that will be used for the practice per session. The member only need to pay Rp.100.000 per session to participate, and it will be used to buy the roasted coffee for practice. There is no other tuition except the coffee purchase. The session takes place once in every 2 weeks, on Sunday at 11 am, at Wisangkopi, Jl. Abdul Majid no 67 Cipete.

As the note, Wisangkopi has rights to accept/refuse the registration based on quota & schedule. The schedule, announcement and information of #KBKJAKARTA can be found with tag #KBKJAKARTA, or follow Instagram @Wisangkopi to get the newest info.

Contact : Nanda – 0878 859 44244 /




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